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  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post Gigantic, Massive, and a little Exotic:

    Sep 02, 2019 PDT

    Yes, you can remove Gates Thrown Open with the Gorilla's summon focus effect since Gates Thrown Open is only restricted from meditating away; nothing on the card indicates it cannot be discarded through other means (you can already ditch it with Law of Banishment or Guilt Link, for instance).

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post You DO come back:

    Sep 02, 2019 PDT

    Paradox Clone specifically targets conjurations with no abilities, so I believe Sleeping Widow is indeed the one missing from the list.

  • Wind the frog 2

    Hello again Ashes fans! It's time for another preview of Tolliver's deck!

    Time Stop is a powerful action spell variant of Hypnotize. Like Hypnotize, it grants the Bypass ability, allowing direct hits to the PB with no possible blocker, or an unguardable hit to a key unit. While it is a one-time use as an action spell instead of a ready spell means you get less repeat use, it has several advantages. One is the surprise factor, because your opponent does not know it is in your hand. Another is the lower cost; Time Stop is just a single class die instead of two. However, these advantages come at a great cost. The Reality Fracture ability means that after the turn, the targeted unit will be removed from the game. This makes Time Stop a powerful finishing spell, but playing it on a big unit is a hit to your board presence going forward. Note that Time Stop targets units you own, so Astrea cannot use it on a unit she acquires with Mark of the Goddess.

    Summon Clockwork Frog is a powerful new defensive conjuration that gives unique way to control the battlefield. The Armored 1 power makes it difficult to kill a Frog using most forms of direct damage, forcing players to push units into conflict with the Frogs. And while the frogs don’t have the ability to deliver normal counter damage, their Spiked Skin 2 means they deliver a pretty nasty blow. With a low cost of a class die to summon, opponents can expect to see multiple copies of these hardy conjurations come to play each round. When combined with alterations (try Crystal Shield!) they can be particularly tough to deal with.

    Tolliver’s deck also delivers a new answer to battlefield clogging, with the Unwavering Loyalty alteration. This alteration allows a unit to take up 1 fewer space on the battlefield, allowing for all PBs to expand their battlefield and put more units into play. Furthermore, units with this alteration gain the powerful Decoy ability we’ve only seen before on the Glow Finch. Of course, players will be reluctant to use Decoy to destroy the unit carrying this valuable alteration, but the presence of this ability creates an interesting dynamic between the players. Unwavering Loyalty is particularly useful for restricted battlefield PBs… most notably, Maeoni.

    Art is not final as these are just place holders. If any of you are interested in participating in this project such as design or playtesting please contact me.

  • Dagger, Armor and a Broker 1

    Hello everyone. I took a pause from posting these as I was on vacation. I will make the zip files public once I finished previewing these cards. I will also look into posting these on a printing site given that we make zero profit from these. Lastly, I am still working on getting affordable artist together. If you are interested in doing any art please let me know. As for today we go into the last two alterations that Jill’s deck brings and a unit that works very well with alterations.

    Deteriorating Armor is among the best defensive alterations in the game, granting life and the Armored ability. This does come at a price. This is the slowest alteration there is costing both a side and main action. It also comes with a new ability that will be unique to time magic. The countdown ability represents the fleeting nature of Time’s most powerful cards. In this case, Deteriorating Armor will only last two rounds.

    Next is one of the most versatile alterations. The conceal ability will allow you to get an extra point of damage after having the knowledge of how your opponents set up their blockers. Be careful using this, you will need something in your discard to hide the blade in or else it won’t trigger. The throw ability won’t be used as much as the conceal ability but it is still useful on units you won’t exhausted anyways. Use it on Shield Mage or Immortal Commander instead of using Exert.

    Last for today is the Relic Broker. This unit is reliant on the alterations in your deck. It has just enough life to get it in play without being destroyed immediately, you are basically building your own unit with two alterations. Want something offensive with Power Through and Frozen Crown, defensive with Crystal Shield and Spiked Armor or a perfect mix between. With Relic Broker costing just 3 dice and most alteration combinations costing 3-5 dice, you are really making out a strong discount. Though it does come with a downside. It is tough to play round 1 unless you meditate a lot. It will also be tough to play late game since your deck may run thin of alterations. All that said, it has been one of my favorite cards to test and I hope you find as much enjoyment in it as I do.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post Gigantic, Massive, and a little Exotic:

    Sep 02, 2019 PDT

    From the wording, it seems as it might work. But somehow, I feel this should be ruled out.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post You DO come back:

    Sep 02, 2019 PDT

    Sleeping Widow has no ability, but I can't see why it could not be used with Paradox Clone. I was expecting the fifth to be an ally, but can't find one without abilities.

  • albino_penguin#09hg commented on the post Gigantic, Massive, and a little Exotic:

    Sep 01, 2019 PDT

    Does the focus effect on the Exotic Groilla summon also work on Gates Thrown Open?

  • angus#5nar commented on the post You DO come back:

    Sep 01, 2019 PDT

    big fan of the new cards!! (and I'm all for anything that might make iron rhinos usable).

    quick question to satisfy my personal curiosity, what is the fifth unit with no abilities? there's mist spirit, iron rhino, masked wolf, flying monkey and?

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post Gigantic, Massive, and a little Exotic:

    Aug 30, 2019 PDT

    Thank you so much, Skaak#1st! for sharing this here! It's amazing :-)

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (resonantly) v2:

    Aug 30, 2019 PDT

    Polarity Mage is supposed to do awesome things with Body Inversion on Shadow Hounds. Might not work in most games, but nice if it does.

    Regarding the R1 ally: One could do it, but then chances to get doubly focussed Summon Shadow Hound in the same round drop significantly. This deck gambles on getting enough out of the Shadow Hound feast that it is worth taking big damage in round 1. Of course, playing this the safe way is a viable option but maybe less spectacular...

  • You DO come back 7

    We're a little behind the spoilers on Facebook, so let's catch up before the new expansions are officially available here on!

    I am sorry for the delayed previews. Many of us have gotten busy the last couple weeks. The previews will be coming much faster in the coming weeks. As for today, we will preview the premier alteration holder, an interesting new reaction and Jill’s unique.

    When we first previewed Jill she has been given comparisons to both Orrick and Victoria. Both of which have easier restrictions on their dice recursion abilities and Jill was thought of as a weaker version of those two. The unique is where she really shines. Orrick typically builds his deck without a unique and Victoria builds her deck in fear of meditating away her unique. Neither of those cases apply to Jill’s unique Trusted Boomerang.

    Trusted Boomerang is the second card that features the unique parallel cost between a class die and a main action that is only in time magic. The damage it deals depends on how many units it destroys. It combos very well with Aftershock, Winged Lioness, Gilder and other cards to ping down an opponent's board while letting Boomerang deal the finishing blow. Fallen decks best hope they don’t run into this card. In addition to dealing its damage, Boomerang will net you a draw as long as the damage wasn’t prevented by cards such as Particle Shield. Lastly, this can return back to your hand with its callback ability. If you believe you have received enough extra dice you can place an exhaustion token on Jill to draw a timely card and deal at least 1 additional damage. Trusted Boomerang is the first card we are previewing with unique art. The rest of the cards today will be using placeholder art.

    The first summon spell we will preview is Summon Flying Monkey. This ready spell has a lot to unpack. In addition to placing a Flying Monkey onto your battlefield, this activation allows you to place 1 status token on an alteration or a unit with an alteration attached to it. This leads to some fun combos with Explosive Growth, Mark of the Red Flower, Deep Freeze and an alteration yet to be previewed. If that wasn’t enough the focus 1 ability allows you to get double use out of your alterations. It may not seem like much, but trust me using Power Through or Holy Relics twice a round is incredibly strong. The Monkey itself is a straightforward 3/1/0 unit with no abilities. The 1 life for 2 dice can be worrisome so make sure you make good use of the focus 1 ability to keep it around.

    Flying Monkey is now the fifth unit with no abilities and it will be the fourth unit that can be affected by the reaction Paradox Clone.

    I am very excited to see all the Iron Rhinos running around and making good use of this card. For the low cost of 1 Time Power, you can summon a second Mist Spirit, Masked Wolf, Iron Rhino or Flying Monkey without the need of a ready spell. In the case of Iron Rhino and Flying Monkey you are also getting a discount on that unit. Though this type of magic does have a drawback. When the conjuration leaves play it is removed from the game. Interestingly, Jill gets to re-roll a die when Paradox Clone attaches a Broken Timeline alteration to a unit.

  • Gigantic, Massive, and a little Exotic 4

    We're a little behind the spoilers on Facebook, so let's catch up before the new expansions are officially available here on!

    Hello Ashes Players! Today we have another preview of some of the cards from Tolliver's Charm/Time deck. Previously, we've seen Tolliver's Renewal ability and the Forever in the Moment unique spell, which give him unique control over the flow of the game. Now, we will see some of the spells he uses to take advantage of that control.

    Like all other Laws, Law of Courtesy creates a persistent effect that lasts until the spell is discarded at the end of the round. The effect is much the same as the effect given by an Orchid Dove. Unlike an Orchid Dove, though, this spell can't be destroyed by damage, making it a bit harder for your opponent to avoid paying the "attack tax". However, also unlike Orchid Doves, the effect also works on you, so if you're not careful you may end up finding LoC gets in the way of your own attacks.

    The play effect is a powerful one by itself, giving you a refresh-type effect for the cost of only 1 die. It can't be used on big hitters like Nightmares or Elephants (or the Gorillas below), but it can be used to refresh key utility units like Owls, as well as some more dangerous units like Frostback Bears, Majestic Titans, and Sonic Swordsman.

    The Exotic Gorilla is the big hitter of Tolliver's deck, without a doubt, and what a beast it is. With a stat-line of 3 attack and 4 life, and a cost (after the initial time power play cost) of only 2 dice to summon (a time class and [[basic]]), the Exotic Gorilla trades favorably with nearly every other big unit in the game. Of course, most opponents would prefer to block the Gorilla with a smaller unit, but like Xander's mighty Archasaurus Mount, Gigantic 2 prevents inexpensive smaller units from blocking or guarding against a Gorilla's attack.

    Balancing out these advantages are two big disadvantages. First, the Gorilla's low conjuration count of 2 means it is vulnerable to remove from game effects as well as being marginalized by Regress or exhaustion. Secondly, the Exotic Gorilla introduces a new mechanic, with its inexhaustible negative ability Massive 2. Occupying two slots on the battlefield is a significant restriction, limiting you in one of the more important resources in the game.

    You may have noticed how the Gorilla doesn't seem to work well with the previously mentioned Law of Courtesy, since the Gorilla likes to attack and Law of Courtesy makes you pay a die to do so. However, the Focus ability of the Summon Exotic Gorilla effect neatly solves this problem. You can play Law of Courtesy early in a round to buy yourself some time, then later in the round summon an Exotic Gorilla, then use the focus ability to clear out your Law, while also drawing a card and milling your opponent's deck! The focus ability further reinforces Tolliver's ability to force his opponent to play the game on Tolliver's terms. In addition to the interaction with Law of Courtesy, the focus effect can also be used to clear out other Laws, or a copy of Gates Thrown Open that no longer holds any dice.

    Tolliver would often prefer to swing those Gorillas directly at the PB for 3 damage. To this end, it's good to have a way to avoid getting blocked by strong defensive units like Turtle Guards or Pale Steed Mounts. Flicker provides Tolliver with just that - a devilish little negative alteration that grants Transparent (previously seen on the Salamander Monk Spirit) to a unit, preventing it from working as a blocker. Because this spell can be played as a side action, you can play the spell to temporarily sideline a big unit, then swing in before your opponent has a chance to react! If your opponent wishes to clear the Flicker alteration from their unit, they can use the Disenchant ability at the cost of a discarded card from hand. However, the card's owner can respark it with a charm die, allowing you to deploy flicker again when the time to strike is right.

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck Brennen, Chantburn:

    Aug 29, 2019 PDT

    I don't think you need three burn ready spells. I personally always run at least one summon turtle guard since you need a meaty blocker on the field.

    Also, the blackcloud ninja is a terrible unit. I don't think it is worth having even one! (and trust me, i play A LOT of brennen)

  • Day0#69ir published a deck!

    Aug 25, 2019 PDT

    Brennen, Chantburn

    Brennen Blackcloud

  • TacticalDragon#8k94 commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (resonantly) v2:

    Aug 11, 2019 PDT

    Wao this deck is beautiful, I want to try it!
    My only question is Polarity Mage. In my current meta players use heavy direct damage agro decks with brennen, zombies, fire archers and that stuff.
    For this kind of decks you need a good ally to survive the first round without getting heavily wounded.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (non-resonantly):

    Aug 10, 2019 PDT

    I updated the version with Resonance:

    The Probabilities I calculated myself using a website called "Wolfram Cloud" ;-)

    This is the formula that I used:

    "Draws" is the number of Draws you have, "DeckSize" is obvious and the other three variables are the numbers of Hand Tricks, Open Memories and the target card still in your deck.

    Basically, I tried to calculate the probability not to draw the card and subtracted that from 1. Maybe, I did something wrond?

  • kapitan#4=pg published a deck!

    Aug 10, 2019 PDT

    Gunning around in the house (resonantly) v2

    Victoria Glassfire

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck We got spirit, how about you?:

    Aug 08, 2019 PDT

    what would you drop?

  • doktarr#0a=m commented on the deck We got spirit, how about you?:

    Aug 08, 2019 PDT

    If I made this deck now I would include at least one copy of New Ideas.

  • doktarr#0a=m commented on the deck Spirit Spirit We Have Spirit!:

    Aug 08, 2019 PDT

    I threw this deck together for live play. It's a 2-color version of my "we got spirit, how about you" deck I made a while back: