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  • Cichociemni#50z8 commented on the post Do you really want to live forever?:

    Jun 07, 2019 PDT

    Super excited for this!

  • Cichociemni#50z8 commented on the post Treasures of the Ages:

    Jun 07, 2019 PDT

    This looks so good! Keep up the good work!

  • angus#5nar commented on the post Do you really want to live forever?:

    Jun 07, 2019 PDT

    First of all, thanks to everyone that has said they are looking forward to the expansions!! I'm sure i speak for all the play testers when I say that we hope you enjoy playing Jill and Tolliver as much as we have!

    I just realised that you can take four main actions in one turn!!! Never noticed that in play testing (and when said like that, it sounds super broken lol)

    Also, the description says 18 life but the photo says 17. Can that please get cleared up? I believe his life is 17, but NIUMath#1tss's word gets precedence.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post Do you really want to live forever?:

    Jun 07, 2019 PDT

    Love him already!

  • mbauers#3z4y published a deck!

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    500 Odette? 500

    Odette Diamondcrest

  • NIUMath#1tss commented on the post Time Dice Power:

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    The cards are already playtested. This is one of the weakest dice powers. It has felt just above divine dice power. The cards in time make up for it just as the cards in divine made up for it.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Do you really want to live forever?:

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    Love both cards. Who is surprised ?
    Passing as a game mechanic is something i also came up with. It gives interesting choices. The Restrictions are well chosen in my opinion.
    The things that could happen if you could attack multiple times per turn are not to be spoken of.

    I thought of a similar card that was restricted to to activating or playing spells but this is probably still fine as it is a Phoenixborn specific card.
    Also solves one of my personal problems which is that i can not play a summon and activate it on the same turn.

    Again, great cards.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Treasures of the Ages:

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    Very elegant on the placeholder art for now.
    The Ability seems to be in the right place balance and flare wise. It fits.

    Parallel cost outside of sympathy ? I'll allow it. It is unique in what it does.
    Battle impairment is a nice twist and i can imagine myself using this.
    A little wired to give a weapon to a bear or something but worse things have been done in other card games. I can already give my Bears Holy Relics.

    I wonder how bad having Battle impairment is in actual gameplay but it makes sense that a big Unit with lots of life points can make use of this better than a 2/1. That is probably for the best.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Time Dice Power:

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    It sounds super niche but it really changes a lot of decisions.
    Many applications require you to be in the opponents head but some just make it so that the opponent can't perform all the side actions they want to.

    You can delay meditions, which is actually important.
    You can play multiple intruder cards like Blood Puppet, Deep Freeze and Weeping Spirit
    and it can prevent Hypnosis when they are out of other main actions.
    But still it is easy to just use a dice without effect.

    If this turns out to be too weak the dice could dial down until it leaves the Phoenixborn like this to make the effect last 2 turns :
    time power -> time class -> remove

  • Do you really want to live forever? 12

    Today we introduce the child king, Tolliver I, and his unique card, Forever in the Moment. Tolliver uses a combination of time and charm magic. His pre-constructed deck, which will be previewed over the coming weeks, provides a variety of new cards to help mill your opponent’s deck and push through difficult-to-block direct attacks.

    Tolliver comes with an average starting life (18) and a relatively large battlefield (8). This combination is valuable for decks that plan to mill their opponent out of cards. Having a large battlefield, for example, makes it easier to use three-eyed owl’s memory drain without necessarily exposing yourself to swing damage. On the other hand, Tolliver is limited to only 3 spellboard slots.

    Tolliver’s ability – renewal – allows you to use two main actions in one turn. However, it comes with an unusual restriction. The second main action must be used to pass. At first blush, this may appear puzzling. Why would you want to waste a side action just to pass? But if you can force your opponent to pass, renewal allows Tolliver to take a main action and end the round without giving his opponent a chance to respond. This can be taken advantage of in a variety ways. For example, following an opponent pass, Tolliver could attack a unit that he wants to remove from his opponent’s battlefield or even attack the opponent PB without giving the opponent a chance to launch a counter attack before the end of the round. This will force Tolliver’s opponents to be very careful about whether they really want to pass early in a round. The time power die (previewed here) can be quite helpful in pushing your opponent to pass at inopportune times, as it can be used to prevent your opponent from meditating to get the dice necessary to summon a given unit. Similarly, having an effective attack deterrent – like a butterfly monk or an orchid dove – can push your to either pass or attack on undesirable terms. To be sure, if Tolliver has a large dice advantage it may still be safe for an opponent to pass early in the round, as it would not be in Tolliver’s interest to end the round with a large number of unused dice.

    Tolliver’s unique card – Forever in the Moment – provides an interesting solution to this issue, by accelerating multiple main actions into a single turn. For the cost of a main action and a basic die, Forever in the Moment gives Tolliver two additional main actions this turn, provided neither action is used to attack. So if an opponent passes early in a round, Tolliver could play Forever in the Moment to summon two large units and then immediately end the round via renewal. Alternatively, following a meteor Tolliver could play Forever in the Moment to quickly repopulate his board with units. The fact that Forever in the Moment cannot be used to immediately attack, means that Tolliver’s opponent will have at least one turn to respond. Even so, Forever in the Moment gives Tolliver consider flexibility to manipulate tempo.

    As previously mentioned, the images here are merely placeholders, until we can find an artist to provide original images for the cards.

  • Treasures of the Ages 2

    Today is the first preview day of the mono-time deck. The dice power has been previewed already on Monday the 29th if you missed it, here it is:

    The mono-time Phoenixborn state-line is very common at 5 battlefield and 4 spellboard however, of the previous four Phoenixborn with this state-line none has been given such a low life value. Jill Traversack is the first Phoenixborn to place a major focus on positive alterations.

    In ashes competitive history the majority of alterations that has shown prowess has been negative alterations such as regress, fade away and reflections in the water. There has been far more positive alterations released yet they have shown far less competitive play with the exceptions of devotion, power through and to a lesser extent amplify. With Jill’s Treasures of the Ages ability every alteration is a die cheaper as long as it is the first of that alteration you control. Gravity Training, a slow ready spell, becomes a free buff every round. Mark of the Red Flower is a free one time Expand Energy in Jill. Poison a common buff to Hydra also becomes a +1 dice advantage. The combinations are abundant as there are many more I missed.

    You all will have to wait for Jill’s unique. Today we are going to showcase one of the many alterations this decks brings to battle. Chimera Smasher may look familiar to many of you. This prized weapon was found by Jill.

    The Chimera Smasher gives a straight forward +2 attack and aftershock 1. This is an incredible value of 3 damage/wounds for 1 die however, it comes at a cost. The Battle Impairment ability represents how heavy it is to hold this massive weapon. Only the largest units in Argaia can handle carrying this effectively. I also want all you to note the unique cost of Chimera Smasher. The parallel cost of a Main Action and a class die is a unique theme to Time Magic. This gives you the ability to pay more to go faster or to pay less and take your time but risk losing the unit in the meantime. In Jill, she can afford the speed more often than others due to her ability.

    As always this art is a placeholder until we secure an artist. In addition, some of the graphic design has changed most notable is the parallel cost design.

  • Time Dice Power 6

    Hello everyone, sorry this is late. The time dice power has the ability to slow down an opponents plays by restricting them from performing a side action for a turn. This may be on the low end of dice powers and while this is likely not a dice power that decks can build around such as the Illusion dice power is, this can be ultra effective in many circumstances. This is able to keep your battlefield stable for a turn against Aradel’s Water Blast or Harold’s Mark Prey. The time power can be used to slow to a opportunist unit such as Squall Stallion for a turn so you have time to have an answer. It can delay a wincon such as Spirit Burn or Hypnotize so you can have one additional turn to win the game. This also has the potential to end the round early if you opponent needs to meditate for their main action. This dice power is not going to be used every game. It certainly wasn’t during playtesting. However, it is a very powerful ability when used timely.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t published a deck!

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    Just Punch - Xander

    Xander Heartsblood

  • Proplum#8b=x published a deck!

    Jun 06, 2019 PDT

    George's Deck

    Victoria Glassfire

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    Jun 05, 2019 PDT

    Soulless Night Rider 500 498

    Harold Westraven

  • Anyone wanting to sell alternative Art cards ? 0

    The ones depicted in this Post :

  • Leonard03#9-oh published a deck!

    Jun 05, 2019 PDT

    A Midnight Foggy 500

    Saria Guideman

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    Jun 05, 2019 PDT

    BFF on a budget 499

    Leo Sunshadow

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    Jun 04, 2019 PDT

    Break Wind Mill Machine

    Fiona Mercywind

  • Bodasatfa#2=x8 published a deck!

    Jun 04, 2019 PDT

    The End is in Sight

    James Endersight