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  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the post First round 2-focused Rhino:

    Nov 09, 2018 PST

    There have recently been a couple of Orrick decks in this vein. Just browse his decks to find some. Personally, I also created a heavy-hitters Orrick! deck some time ago which I might chance a bit today. But I would still shun the Rhino, as I think there are a lot of better options around. However, your suggestion of Round 1 double-focussing seems to make the Rhino better.

  • First round 2-focused Rhino 9

    With the upcoming Resonance and the help of Open Memories, it is now possible to get a first round 2-focused Summon Iron Rhino ready spell in play.

    Having Orrick Gilstream as a Phoenixborn and Magic Purity in FF allows then to put two Iron Rhino in play during the first round (and some other fatties in the next ones)

    Has anyone already built a deck based on this system, with [[Sympathy:power]] - [[Charm:power]] - [[Natural:power]] and any fourth magic, adding Lucky Rabbit and Changing Winds to stabilize active dice pool? Is it worth investigating?

  • ShiningAquas#5683 commented on the post Law of Domination Vs Holy Knight:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    I kind of view it similar to how Magic: The Gathering handles this problem.
    If a creature card has "Protection from Red," that means Red cards cannot target it, all damage it would take from Red cards is prevented, and creatures that are Red cannot be declared as a blocker against it.

    However, if there's another card in play that says "Damage cannot be prevented," it gets around one of those clauses. You still can't target the creature with Red cards, but Red creatures can now deal damage to it via non-targeted damage.

    Back to Ashes, I feel that if I play Law of Domination and my opponent willingly chooses Holy Knight, the spell still causes damage to be dealt since the damage absolutely can't be prevented.

    That being said, I understand the argument that Holy Knight's ability just prevents it from being affected by spells altogether. I feel that in that case, the opponent shouldn't be able to pick Holy Knight to begin with since it's not a legal target.

    Basically, I don't think an opponent should be able to pick Holy Knight and automatically get 5 damage for free.

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post Law of Domination Vs Holy Knight:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    This is not an easy one to establish a ruling on from the current FAQ. It boils down to whether or not the damage from Law of Domination is damage dealt from an effect, or if it counts as attack damage (or is sourced from the chosen units).

    From the FAQ, p. 17 (bold text mine to highlight relevant sections):

    A card affects another card or player if it attaches, destroys, removes from the game, targets with an effect, deals damage from an effect, places tokens, removes tokens, moves tokens onto or from another card, cancels it, modifies an ability, or modifies base stats of a unit. A card does not affect another card if an effect chooses it, or if it targets another card with an attack.

    So what we know:

    • Holy Knight is not affected by its player choosing it as a result of Law of Domination's effect (because nothing in the list of things that count as "affecting" apply to that clause). So by that read, Holy Knight is a legal choice.
    • However, Holy Knight may or may not be affected by the damage that is dealt, because it is not clear whether Holy Knight's Impenetrable ability would trigger due to damage that is sourced from another unit via an effect.

    My gut instinct is that Holy Knight is a perfectly valid choice for all parts of Law of Domination, because what is directly affecting the Holy Knight is damage dealt by an opponent's unit (the fact that this damage was triggered by a card effect probably doesn't matter, because Ashes rulings tend to only care about direct causes; e.g. attack damage triggering Illusion to kill a unit will not allow Harvest Soul or Silver Snake's Consume ability to trigger).

    However, it's admittedly ambiguous, thanks to the non-standard effect wording on Law of Domination. I can see the argument for not even allowing Holy Knight to be chosen, and would love to have this clarified in the FAQ.

  • JerrinDrews#6aju commented on the deck Orrick Rush V.6:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    I have but shifting most is my back pocket for making sure I can play higher cost cards it also assures that if I roll at least one mask that my first turn will go off without a hitch unless messed with by the opponent

  • Jaffty21#68ym commented on the deck Orrick Rush V.6:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    Very similar to my Orrick Deck, have you though about using Lucky Rabbits instead of Shifting Mists? With so many 3+ dice units it would be good to get some extra ones back.

  • JerrinDrews#6aju commented on the deck Orrick Rush V.6:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    yes it's my tournament deck, it took a lot of iterations but I'm happy with it

  • JerrinDrews#6aju commented on the deck Renchanter:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    I played with a similar concept earlier but I used dread wraith for the increased damage from health being lower

  • JerrinDrews#6aju commented on the post Law of Domination Vs Holy Knight:

    Nov 08, 2018 PST

    I believe (A) is the way it would work based on how it reads

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck Orrick Rush V.6:

    Nov 07, 2018 PST

    very expensive deck. have you played it?