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  • Canceling Ready Spells 2

    So the FAQ says

    Cancel: An effect that prevents another spell, ability, or dice
    power from resolving.[...] When a ready spell has its
    effects canceled, that ready spell will stay in play, but have their
    effects cancelled until the beginning of the recovery phase.

    So when i useSummon Blood Puppet and it gets canceled with Vanish and i then remove the Exhaustion token from Summon Blood Puppet can use it again or is it still canceled ?

  • Ursus Epinephrine 7

    Has anyone played with Adrenaline Rush and Sleeping Bear in a deck?

    Basic goal is to use Adrenaline Rush and Lick Wounds (if Koji) to get multiple uses out of the high attack, but relatively low cost of the Sleeping Bear.

  • Deep Freeze on Elephant Rider? 4

    Just came about it: Can one Deep Freeze an Elephant Rider? Or better: Does the Thaw ability exhaust the Elephant or not?

  • How to read adrenalin rush 11

    After months of waiting i finally got my copy of Harold and sembali.
    During play i asked myself it had any relevance that adrenaline rush says that the unit in question can be declared as an attacker or if it is just a nice hint.

    Now there is a rule that states that cardtext overrides anything in the rules (cardeffects and timing) so "this unit might be declared as an attacker" part would allow you let that Unit to be declared as an attacker even if it is still exhausted after adrenaline rush removed an exhaustion token. Seems a bit powerful but why not right ?

    But there is one things that lead me to think this is not the intention :
    The card does not read "may be declared as an attack until the end of this turn" and there is no way to track that you used adrenaline rush on a unit. But if you read it pedantically you could just declare the adrenaline rushed unit as an attacker as long as you have unexhausted units (you cant declare an attack otherwise). That seems very odd and would be an infinite combo. (the unexhausted unit must only exist, it does not have to be declared as an attacker).

    Also Hunt Master/panther spirit uses the same phrase and it is probably not meant to attack an infinite ammount of times.
    I will just assume you are not allowed to do that. Feels like it should get an eratta though.

    The question now is : Can i still declare the unit with adrenalin rush as an attacker if it is still exhausted ? ( but just that turn).

  • Question about Ancestral Army and gostly mount 1

    Ancestral Army has ability of cannot targeted by spell in both side

    Can Ancestral Army targeted by ghostly mount?

  • Rule questions after Cardreveal 20

    A collection of my questions/unclear situations after each card reveal. I will edit this after each new reveal.

    Is an exhaustion token placed ? In other words, could you activate gravity training ?

    Dismounting & Mark of the Goddess
    I guess the Rider gets discarded if the owners battlefield is full, but it does not say so.

    Dismounting & Iron worker
    Does Iron Worker get a status token when placed on the battlefield ?

    #1 Update
    Law of Domination
    What cards are affected by the permanent effect ? Particle Shield is obvious, but some other cards do not use the word 'prevent' but there is damage prevented.
    Things that come to mind are Redirect, Vampire Bat Swarm and Beast Tamer.

    #2 Update
    Sacred Ground
    In the event of a spell targeting the only Unit in play, can Sacred ground be discarded to prevent the effect ?

    If i activate the spell but do not have a suiting card in my draw pile how am i supposed to behave ? I guess not drawing a card is normally not legal but the decks content is hidden information. Koji could force this with his ability in many cases.

    Shared Sorrow
    It says to chose a different card. Is this a different card by name as is often the case in card games or is this just another physical card that is allowed to have the same name ?
    If i do not have a card to discard in my Hand, is X=0 and i can put a Card with Play cost 0 in my hand ?
    Depending on the answers on Augury : can you chose to not put a card into your hand ?

    Can i play Resonance without a ready spell in play ? Can i chose to play it under an 'empty Spell board slot' ? What happens if i meditate all the copies of the spell that Resonance is under - can i still use that slot as normal, does it even still occupy a slot ? Can i, for whatever reason, play resonance under another resonance ?

    #Update 3
    Ancestral Spirit
    When the Unit would get hit by Meteor, does the unit get removed from the game if i do not pay to prevent from exhaustion ?
    Similarly for Frostback bear : If the opponent choses to freeze, will the unit be removed from game ?

    Hex Bane
    Does dealing damage with Frost Bite count as dealing damage with an ability, just with a spell, or both ?

    Dark Presence
    The FAQ reads

    Cancel: An effect that prevents another spell, ability, or dice
    power from resolving. [...] When a ready spell has its
    effects canceled, that ready spell will stay in play, but have their
    effects cancelled until the beginning of the recovery phase.

    lets say i have one Copy of Dark Presence in play and one resonance under it. I use the ability for Focus 1 and the opponent cancels it. Is the unexhausted Part of Dark Presence still active ? How does it behave for multiple copies ?

    Also something that is not a question but i did not recognize at first : Fog of War does not stack as it does not have a number in its name.

  • Mechanics 0


    Here's a little list I made for Skaak, hoping one day anyone could search cards according to these mechanics (which means the list doesn't, and will never, include things that can be specifically searched on the site). Of course, the actual reason is that the game is gaining reference sheets and I wanted to list cards that fall in any sheet, but anyway, here you have.

    I will update the list after every preview.

    Conjured Alteration Spells
    Alteration Spells which can only be attached when they are called from the conjuration pile. If discarded, they go back to the conjuration pile like other conjurations do.
    Found in:

    • The Frostdale Giants (Ice Buff, with Rin Northfell)
    • The Masters of Gravity (Enhanced Strength, with Gravity Training)
    • The Goddess of Ishra (Infatuated, with Light Bringer)
    • The Demons of Darmas (Hunter's Mark, with Harold; Dark Transformation, with Harvest Soul)
    • The Spirits of Memoria (Angel's Embrace, with Angelic Rescue)

    Face down cards
    Cards which are placed under another, face down. Only exterior effects can affect it, and it is not considered to be in play or attached, but it retains its Title, Type, Placement, Play Cost. Only the owner can look at it.
    Found in:

    • The Masters of Gravity (Polarity Mage)
    • The Path of Assassins (Jericho Kill; Prepare)
    • King of Titans (Summon Cerasaurus Mount; Summon Archasaurus Mount)
    • The Ghost Guardian (Summon Ghostly Mount)

    Parallel costs
    Costs which can be paid by several ways; to show it, two squares with complementary symbols (for example, Main Action-Side Action) appear linked together. When the cost would be paid, you choose which of the options will be part of the cost to bring the card. Keep in mind you can only custom your payment according to your actual resources; if a parallel cost asks to choose between Main Action and Side Action, and you used a Die power ability, you MUST choose Main Action as part of the cost.
    Found in:

    • The Masters of Gravity

    Chaos Gravity, [[divine:class]]=[[sympathy:class]];
    Light Swordman, [[main]]=[[side]];
    Polarity Mage, [[divine:class]]=[[sympathy:class]]

    • The Boy Among Wolves

    Lick Wounds, [[main]]=[[side]]; Mark of the Red Flower, [[main]]=[[side]]

    • The Demons of Darmas

    Drain Vitality, [[main]]=[[side]]
    Master Vampire, [[ceremonial:power]]=[[sympathy:power]]

    • King of Titans

    Raptor Herder, [[natural:class]]=[[sympathy:class]]

    Between Realms
    Effects written in a blue box; they can be used while the card is in hand or discard pile. They are considered in play, and are not inexhaustible.
    Found in:

    • The Path of Assassins (Hand Trick, discard pile)
    • The Spirits of Memoria (Shadow Guard, hand)

    And here are two additions, they are not really mechanics, but I found them interesting anyway.

    Second uniques
    Unique cards which are actually Conjurations only the PB can call.
    Found in:

    • The Frostdale Giants (Rin Northfell's Ice Buff)
    • The Roaring Rose (Leo Sunshadow's Glow Finch)
    • The Demons of Darmas (Harold Westraven's Hunter's Mark)

    Conjurations genealogic trees
    Conjurations which can only be called by other conjurations.
    Found in:

    • The Song of Soaksend (Salamander Monk Spirit, with Salamander Monk)
    • The Boy Among Wolves (Brillant Thorn, with Luminous Seedling, itself with Indiglow Creeper)
  • Question about dismount 3

    Some card like fire archer has come into play ability, if i use fire archer to summon dismount unit and then i dismount it, fire archer come into play with an exhaustion token, can i still trigger come into play ability again?

  • Shadowguard timing 5

    So i believe i already know the answer to this one but let me still ask

    Let's say i have Shadow Guard in Hand and play as Maeoni Viper and have Empower in play while my opponent attacks and i have no units. If i Play Shadowguard and use Maeonis Ability, the opponent gets to chose the order of those operations as they happen at the same time and they are the active player, so they can decide to have strike happen before the Shadowguard enters play and force me to buff one of their units ?

    I thought of this as a counter to an elephant rider but with my understanding of the timing the result is rather stupid.

  • Potential new player 6

    Hi to all !

    I had heard about Ashes quite a while back but it looked pretty dead at the time but now it looks like PHG is really supporting the game (at least making expansions). As a former CCG player who now mostly plays online (Eternal, Gwent...) I remain intrigued by Ashes, because the art is great, I like using dice as long as it does not introduce too much randomness and the deckbuilding possibilities look good.

    So here are a few of my questions :

    1. Is what I said correct about the game ?
    2. Are the usual aggro/control/combo/mid-range archetypes present in Ashes. I think I read that combos were hard to pull off but I am mainly a control player. Are creatures (invocations here I think)-less decks possible ? I guess not
    3. How is multiplayer ? I would probabaly try to play it with my 2 gaming buddies but I am a bit wary of these kind of multiplayer games where people mostly have incentives to turtle and games can last forever. I am thinking of trying a prey-predator game whereby you can only attack the player to your left...are there good multiplayer rules otherwise ?
    4. Has anyone tried to play "solo", i.e., 2-handed ? Is the level of hidden information high, in the sense that, for instance, there are interrupts to be played in another player's turn ?
    5. How is the community, above all in Europe ? The game does not seem very well supported there right ?

    Ok, I think that's all for now !