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  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Hungry Vicki:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    I just wrote a long comment with the wrong deck in my head, for which i already gave a response.
    I will write something later.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (non-resonantly):

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    If you calculate the chance to draw a certain card in round 2 the result scales really good with additional copies and you can count Open Memories as an additional copy with increased cost.

    Then you have 2 copies in the deck at the start of round 2 instead of 1 copy, which effectively doubles the average speed at which you draw the last copy.

    I think it is an about 50% to draw in round 2 vs an about 70% chance to draw but i'm too lazy to calculate it again now. It gets better by some percentage points if you have Hand tricks etc.

    Since the spell has a focus effect, you could attribute the one extra damage to part of the cost of Open Memories, which makes the action quite cost efficient.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the card Sacred Ground:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    No, you can only cancle it if the Mode is chose that actually affects all units.
    A similar example is given in the FAQ for canceling Double Edged, which has a mode where it does not target anything. If that mode is chose you can not prevent it with Golden Veil or Vanish.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the deck Cursed Advantage:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    I have the same questions as lidjan1#40jr ;-). However, I would guess Open Memories is either for a second Summon Orchid Dove or a second Royal Charm or to be used as a kind of joker. Anyhow, not a bad choice.

    I really like the idea of a mono [[charm]] swing deck that makes most out of Royal Charm.

    Maybe a few things to consider:
    - Hypnotize could fit nicely. It provides you with a way to have your boosted units hit their PB relyably. The dream scenario would be: Play Amplify on a unit, pay it with a [[charm]] that goes on the unit, too. In the next turn, exhaust Hypnotize's side action and pay the cost with another two [[charm]]s that can go on the unit, too. As a main action, that unit with +6 attack swings on the PB. Of course, you need all three Royal Charms to be available for it, but the result would be quite effective ;-)
    - A few more units might also be helpful. Imperial Ninja is the first coming to my mind. Mind Fog Owls do also fit, but then you don't have a spellboard slot for Hypnotize, which you might not need with the Owls anyway.
    - Call to Action could be an alternative to Refresh, but the decision is actually quite dependent on the deck you're facing.
    - Undying Heart seems to be on the weak end and a bit superfluous among Amplify and all the [[charm]]s
    - I would go for three Call Upon the Realms. You need those [[charm]] facets.

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the card Sacred Ground:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    Btw: Can one still use Sacred Ground to cancel Mass Heal when the Owner chooses to heal only itself?

  • kapitan#4=pg commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (non-resonantly):

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    Cronos Genesis#9i6t, you did not ruin anything! Thank you very much for your suggestions!

    I especially like the Lucky Rabbit here. I didn't think of putting it into this deck.

    If I reduce Open Memories, shouldn't I even go down to one copy? To me it seems like either 1 or 3 make sense, because the one purpose is to make drawing a Summon Shadow Hound in the first round more secure.

  • angus#5nar commented on the post Ashes is Not Dead - A Community Continuation:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    snorka#41kr if you join the slack channel here it will be a lot easier to communicate your ideas for project: phoenix.

    if you would like to see these cards

    yes, we are always open to new ideas (from you or anyone else). again, just go to the slack channel and talk to Carl (NIUMath#1tss or @niu on the slack channel), he is the one co-coordinating everything.

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the deck Hungry Vicki:

    Jul 22, 2019 PDT

    I really enjoy your analysis.
    First i will say that i have no competitive experience in this game ( and don`t have realistic opportunity to get some ), so everything i`m saying is 100% theoretical.
    When designing deck i wanted to give my opponent dice hell. Thanks to Vicky`s special power as well as Illusionary Cycle she seemed to be the best pheonixborn for the job. Transmute Magic and Shattering pulse are in the deck to help with this purpose. So with agressive using of [[illusion]] power and mentioned cards i wanted to force my opponent to meditate. And there are two reasons for it. First is by medidating opponent can discard one of his key cards ( Summon Indglow Creeper for example ). Second is by meditating he is running out of cards which means quicker deck out. And Victoria has battlefield of 5 only. So i figured i will play defensive game. Shadow Hounds trade very well (at least in my head) with great amount of units in game. River Skald? No problem. Hammer Knight? Give it to me. So you traded with opponent 3 dice for 3 dice but you just get to summon another one Shadow Hound And its true that they lose to swarm of small units but thats what you have theese 2 pings for. and if something stays alive you can use Particle Shield to mitigate all of the damage so illusion ability will not destroy your hound.
    All this leads to me saying that even if I agree with you on

    Most Games End before the final five are drawn

    playing this deck will want your opponent to draw their final five. When looking at it from this perspective you still think that particle shield with Secret door is bad for this deck?

  • Ashes going out of print? 2

    Hi! Snorka here!
    This is my first post on the community, and I just have one question. Is Ashes going out of print? I understand that PHG is done expanding the game, but from the official post it seemed they are going to keep printing it. Is this true? Should I buy up expansions and dice now, or can I wait?
    Thank you!

  • Snorka#41kr commented on the post Time Dice Power:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    I honestly like the new basic dice symbol better than the official one. Keep up the good work!

  • Snorka#41kr commented on the post Ashes is Not Dead - A Community Continuation:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    I started to develop some Energy dice and companion decks before I heard about Project Phoenix, but these are much more thought out and balanced! Let me know if you would like to see these cards though, they mostly revolve around messing with exhaustion tokens.

  • Snorka#41kr commented on the post Treasures of the Ages:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    Even before I heard about Project Phoenix I dreamed of taking multiple actions in one turn. I want to see more of these cards because they are just so good!

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the card Sacred Ground:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    White already has immunities, armor and overkill.
    Would be pretty insane if half of those effects were on reaction spells instead of face up on the table.

  • angus#5nar commented on the card Sacred Ground:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    divine magic is home to some of the greatest defensive tools in the game...

    ironically, it is the only colour that doesn't have reaction spells!

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the deck Cursed Advantage:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    Could you describe the deck? What is your first five, what are your goals in this deck, what is the card Open Memories for and how you plan to use Transfer?

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the card Sacred Ground:

    Jul 21, 2019 PDT

    To clarify :
    A 'Spell that affects all units or each unexhausted unit' is a spell with those phrases in it. You do not check if it affects all units, because then sometimes single target spells affect all units (if there is only one unit).
    It would become worse if no units were in play and a spell that does not effect units would be played (then that spell would effect all 0 units and you could prevent it).
    That interaction is certainly not intended.
    In many cases it would not even be clear what should happen. What is the consequence of preventing you playing Summon Iron Rhino - does it not go onto your spell board ?

    See the official preview text below.

    It is meant to only prevent the following 5 spells :
    Natures Wrath
    Mass Heal
    Sacred Ground (only the armor 1 part)


    Divine magic is home to some of the greatest defensive tools in the game, and Sacred Ground is no exception. This ready spell preemptively sets up protection against some of the most game-swinging spells like Meteor or Kneel. Choosing to fight your battles on the Sacred Ground will help aggressive, swarm-based strategies keep their footing against control strategies looking to eliminate your forces in one swoop! Sacred Ground has additional utility when the threat of board-wiping spells is not present. At a moment’s notice in battle, you can exhaust Sacred Ground to give all units on the battlefield, including your opponent’s units, the Armored 1 ability. This can soften the blow of a strong push from your opponent, giving you the option to block and not counter attack, all while keeping your units alive and ready to launch their own charge next turn!

  • TacticalDragon#8k94 commented on the deck Cursed Advantage:

    Jul 20, 2019 PDT

    Oh sorry, I just copy and edit the content. Just the description remaining, I don't see too much problem with that.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Cursed Advantage:

    Jul 20, 2019 PDT

    This is the official deck for Saria Guideman, included in the core set.

    I guess you copied the base deck instead of creating a new one.
    Don't do that.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck Gunning around in the house (non-resonantly):

    Jul 20, 2019 PDT

    Not trying to ruin your fun, but that deck has 90% searching & Ressources and only about 10% actually doing something that can end the game.
    That will on average not be worth the huge commitment to reducing randomness.

    I would strongly suggest to just put more units instead of card draw into the deck.
    You need a plan b) in case anything goes wrong and with just one gimmick in your deck chances are that it is not going to work 100% of the time.

    • Opponent might have 0 attack Units, like Admonisher or Living Doll, so you can't really attack and they do not need to.
    • One of your key cards might get removed from the game by Mind Probe or Law of Banishment.
    • Your opponent might just have many small creatures, which gives you really bad combat math. (Admiting that you get to deal 2x1 damage for each summon later on, which is good)

    Just saying the deck is unstable in what it does.

    What would i change ?
    Reduce Open Memories from 3 to 2. (Too little improvement in draw consistency)
    New Ideas from 3 to 2. (Too many for the dice pool)
    Polarity Mage from 2 to 1. (You have too few [[Sympathy]] AND [[Ceremonial]], doesn't matter if you resurrect or draw it.)
    Body Inversion from 2 to 1. (Yes they will eventually be used up but that is fine)
    Illusionary Cycle from 3 to 2. (Good but you want to draw the other cards)
    Total of -5 Cards.

    Put in
    3rd Blood Chains (You need that card to deal with exhaustion)
    3rd Hand Tricks (Better in this dice pool)
    3x Summon Lucky Rabbit (To give you some board material)
    Total of +5 Cards

  • NIUMath#1tss commented on the post Saria pre-constructed and violinist questions..:

    Jul 19, 2019 PDT

    If you plan on doing constructed I would leave EV as is. It is a pretty huge change. Though if you did want to use the old one it would be fine in her precon. EV becomes the biggest problem with the ceremonial dice power and dice recursion.