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  • More premade decks 3

    So i dug around plaidhats website because i wanted to read preview texts of old cards that no one uses as they usually describe the intention of the cards.

    First of all : Noahs deck has a jump scare in every preview and it was very irritating >.>
    Second of all : There are preconstructed decks for dimona Odinstar,Orrick and Lulu, which could be uploaded with the others by Issacbot.
    Here are the lists :
    Dimona Odinstart
    Lulu Firestorm
    Orrick Gilstream

    And if you want a trip in the time machine and see what the hell they thought when Freezing Blast was printed :
    Here you go
    The comments there are wiser than me. Apparently Freezing Blast would be quite good if Strange Copy was played.

    For other underused cards just type "Ashes 'Cardname' preview" into Google and look at what we thought the future might look like.

  • Amplify 3

    If you place charm dice on a unit with Amplify do they stay there until that unit is dead or is it just for the round?

  • Battle Advantage 3

    How does Battle Advantage work? I know that a unit, such as Seaside Raven, inflict their damage before other units without. When does this come into play? How is this practically used in a game?

  • What to buy? 10

    New player here. So I bought the base set and I'm loving it, but want more! Which expansion decks would y'all recommend? So far I prefer to play with Coal Roarkwin or Saria Guideman. I would really like to buy all the expansions, but that is not financially feasible right now. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Big deckbuilder update is live! 24

    I've been cooking this one for quite a while, and finally managed to push it out the door! now offers tools for determining your perfect dice spread in the deckbuilder (under the Costs tab), including choosing a First Five and seeing what you'll have to spend to get them in play.

    Let me know if you run into any problems with the update or have any suggestions to make the site better!

    This update also includes a bunch of quality of life changes around the site:

    • Phoenixborn stats are output when viewing a deck
    • Links for all conjurations are output in the card listing when a card has chained conjurations (like Summon Indiglow Creeper)
    • Phoenixborn name is shown in the homepage stream (since I don't have big beautiful images to distinguish recent Phoenixborn)
    • The detection of required dice types for your deck is improved (for instance, Rin's Fury no longer claims it requires [[natural]] dice, and choosing Aradel Summergaard does require [[natural]])
    • Longer delay before filtering card listings when typing
    • Cloned decks will now show up at the top of your My Decks list
  • Printing Enchanted Violinist Errata 2

    So i'm going to print the EV Errata as i do not have a realistic way of getting it from an event.

    This kind of stuff is new to me and while i was able to figure out how big the cards need to be i do not know what thickness i want.
    The printer i choose has 4 options (which i translated from german):

    I play with transparent sleeves so the card should look as similar as possible to the existing cards. Which one should i chose ? any ideas how to find out ?

  • Removing units from the game 2

    When it's written on a card like Law Of Banishment "...remove that conjuration from the game...", do they mean every copy of that conjuration or only the destroyed one? And is it the same for allies like for Silver snake?

  • What are your top unused Cards ? 10

    With most if not all Cards of Ashes released i wonder, what are your top 3 unused Cards ?
    I'm speaking about Cards that you never put into your decks and also never have seen anyone use outside of the preconstructed deck.

    My questionable winners are :
    Bring Forth
    just why is card so expansive and restrictive. Even with the respark - just why. the stats are not even good. A 2/1 Unit for 2[[ceremonial:class]] would be terrible, what is going on here.
    To Shadows
    the dream scenario is to kill big units with small ones but it never works. Would be bad if it had a [[basic]] as placement costs instead of the activation cost. No Focus. Great Synergy with Bring Forth.
    Freezing Blast
    3 damage or [[natural:class]][[basic]] i could understand but this ... Who would need to remove 2 statustokens from a Unit if you could ... kill it.
    I think there was a version of this where it dealt 2 damage and attached Deep Freeze somewhere in the development process and i want that version.

  • Dimona and her Elephants 5

    Is this the deck to beat?

    What other decks are up there?

  • Recovery - new player 2

    Probably a dumb question, but I am new to the game. When a unit has recovery and takes enough damage to destroy it, how does it recover the life if it is removed for battlefield already. Recovery occurs at the end of a round, correct?

  • Holy Knight (Impenetrable) and allied spells 1

    Hello Community

    We wonder if Magic immunity of allied spells like Meteor affects the unit?

    The skill says "Used by an opponent", if anyone here can help us.


  • New dice type upcoming ? 1

    Will there be a new dice type in the future since there's no more possible dice
    combination in the game ? Something like the mysterious turtle symbol on the
    premium deck boxes?

  • lack of mounts 2

    what are peoples thoughts on there not being any mounts in this cycle? is this a sign that ashes is dying or a theoretical confirmation that time dice will be coming out? also, it is the most recent example of a trend PHG have of introducing a mechanic and then discontinuing it. what are peoples thoughts on that?

  • Ruling Question | Main Action & Side Action 4

    Hi all,

    A very basic question here as I'm about to introduce this game to my friends this week.

    In the rulebook, it says players MUST make 1 Main Action and MAY make 1 Side Action. In a 2 player game that I played with myself to get a hang of the rules, I find that the flow is very slow here, not to mention I did not make full use of my resources too.

    So my question is, do we just make 1 Main Action and an optional 1 Side Action per player and we move on to next round? Or we do this 1 Main and 1 Side Action back and forth until both player passes?

    I'm inclined to think of the latter should be the correct one, otherwise the game felt weird.

  • Question about shield mage 5

    If i have two exhausted shield mage and one hammer knight, my hammer knight life value increase to 4 or 5?

  • Ashes Playmat 0

    Anyone here to have ordered a custom playmat for the game?
    I need some help regarding dimensions and ways to resize an image

    PS: to admin, please remove my post if it contradicts the rules

  • Does anyone have general starting tips for new to medium level players? 3

    One sorry about the long worded post, I was hoping that this will be searchable by other players in the future.

    Second if there is a thread on this let me know I could not find anything on this subject.

    Anyways I am at a point in the game where I can not take a single match in an event and when playing casually with my friends they generally can not win.

    I am not really sure of when it is good to attack or discard cards or hold cards etc.

    I am wondering if anyone has some general tips on playing the game and what to look out for in general not every fringe case of course.

    Also I assume some of the starter decks are better then others is there a deck that should always win vs the other player? A deck that I could train my friends with and I pick an objectively worse deck and at some point they should be able to win consistently.

    Or perhaps there is a handicap mechanic like chains in keyforge, I considered applying chains to a deck in the same manner but drawing does not seem super important in this game.

  • Competitive Play-Unsanctioned Events? 3

    Hello all! My name is Adam, I am new to the site and the game since receiving it as a Christmas present last year (2018). I love the game and have since Christmas, tracked down each expansion along with Lulu, Dimona and Orrick.

    I am sure that I am just the latest in a long line of 'lack of competitive play' posts, but instead of just complaining, I have a question and wanted to see what other people have tried to generate more of a consistent competitive play atmosphere. My goal is to approach a local game store or two that I know have been selling a lot of Ashes and set something up on a more monthly or bi-weekly basis.

    So here is my thought: Game store hosts an unsanctioned event, $5 entry per person, money goes to 1st and 2nd in the form of a gift card/store credit.

    I think this would help pull more people into the game if they see it being played more frequently. I feel that it would scratch the itch for those of us that are old MTG players who want the thrill of a competition but don't want to get back into a CCG, and the store still moves merchandise.

    What do you guys think? Has anyone tried this? Any tips to talking with Game Store Owners? What are the bad sides? Any other ideas to get competitive play moving that have been successful?

  • Majestic Titan vs Holy Knight, also Seeds of Aggression 7

    Directly under the preview there was a discussion if Majestic Titan can interact with Holy knight.
    Short Version :
    You can Force Holy knight to deal its damage to other Units, but Holy Knight can not be chosen to recieve the damage.
    Also Seeds of Aggression can deal Damage to Holy Knight.
    EDIT : The card does say 'target' which i overread. Can't use Seeds of aggression on an unexhausted Holy Knight.

    Why ? Because of the way affecting something is described in the FAQ and the way things were handled up till now, namely that event chains don't matter. (If A causes B and B causes C, the game does not rule that A causes C).
    Sources for this are further below.

    How does this affect Majestic Titan and Holy Knight ?
    1. If the Titan hits the Holy Knight the event for Befuddling Blow does definitely trigger. The Question is if Holy Knight is immune to the effect.
    Obviously the 'Befuddling Blow' is used by an opponent in the example, so the only thing that could go wrong is that it does not qualify as 'affecting'.
    The relevant part in the FAQ says

    [...] A card does not affect another card if an effect chooses it, or if it targets another card with an attack.

    Now it is not exactly clear what 'it' references, so we rewrite the statement to make talking about it a little easier.
    It either means :

    [...] A card A does not affect another card B if an effect chooses A, or if A targets another card with an attack.


    [...] A card A does not affect another card B if an effect chooses B, or if B targets another card with an attack.

    The first statement is obvious. If such things needed explanation the rule book would need 10x times more text.
    (The seconds statement also seems like it could have been written in order to future proof for Seeds of aggression which just ended up not formally causing an attack.)
    But now Befuddling Blow does not (formally) affect Holy Knight and the effect has to be evaluated.

    2. What if Holy Knight is on the damage receiving side of befuddling blow.
    It would be explicitly allowed to chose (but not target) the Holy Knight by the FAQ.
    However Befuddling Blow targets the damage receiving Unit so Holy Knight would be affected, hence is immune.
    Note that the other case worked because there the Holy Knight was chosen (by the phrase '[...] that Unit [...]') and not targeted.

    Edit (all wrong, it does read target) : For Comparions : <wrong>The Card Seed Of Aggression choses both its 'targets'/chosen Units, so Holy Knight can be affected by it. This is where the 'Chain of Events' stuff is relevant.
    Yes you use a spell to cause a Unit to deal damage to Holy Knight, but that does not imply that the damage the Unit deals is caused by a spell an Opponent uses (example further below).
    Since Holy Knight is not immune to being dealt damage by a Unit, the effect**

    Conclusion : You can Force Holy knight to deal its damage to other Units, but Holy Knight can not be chosen to receive the damage. Edit : Also Seed of Aggression can not be used on an unexhausted (opposing) Holy Knight.

    The FAQ :

    A card affects another card or player if it attaches, destroys, removes from the game, targets with an effect, deals damage from an effect, places tokens, removes tokens, moves tokens onto or from another card, cancels it, modifies an ability, or modifies base stats of a unit. A card does not affect another card if an effect chooses it, or if it targets another card with an attack.

    Rules up till now :
    It is also established, that we do not have to keep track of what causes what.
    The main example for this comes from this thread by the User tony78000#2u2d :

    Attack with snake --> damage on illusion unit --> trigger illusion ability --> destruction of illusion unit

    The scenario with the bat attacking phoenixborn would be like this :
    Attack with bat --> activate bat swarm ability --> damage on illusion unit.

    Why would illusion trigger in the 2nd case while consume does not trigger in the 1st case ? Both wording contains "as a result of", and if we take your logic on bat case, the destruction of the unit in the 1st case is also due to the attack of the snake (that you control), hence triggering Consume. However, it has been officially ruled that Consume does not trigger in this case. By analogy, it seems legit to say that the illusion ability won't trigger in the 2nd case.

    This is the closest we can ever hope to come to logical proof without direct developer ruling.

  • New to the Game and Some Questions 4

    Hey all!
    Glad to find a centralized site to source for deck ideas and also to post for topics. I'm new to the game and fairly excited to enjoy it!

    I come from a competitive MtG background but had since jumped from one card game to another as I couldn't keep up with MtG anymore and is tired of the competitive gaming.

    Ashes attracted me thanks to its artworks and I LOVE dice :)

    However, it seems Ashes is not quite the competitive game? That is okay for me, here are few of my doubts and hope to be answered by the community:-

    1) What are the content creators / sources of contents of Ashes?
    2) What is the expansion release schedule?
    3) How frequent is Organized Play and how does the Organized Play scene looks like?
    4) The current state of the game? I know new expansions are coming out, but is the game still rolling?