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  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the card Chained Creations:

    Sep 12, 2020 PDT

    Chained Creations does remove the target from play, just to clarify.
    But it is often too expansive to play.
    Shatter Pulse is already considered too expansive for competetive play and only costs 3 dice with a regularly occuring trigger.

  • Top 5 Defining Sympathy Cards 8


    Hi, all. I am going through a series that will go through all the different dice types in an attempt to rank the top 5 most defining cards of that dice type. These are cards that, I think, are the most important to be aware of when playing against someone who has that dice type in their deck. This is not necessarily the most commonly played cards, but rather, the cards that really drive the direction a deck could go.

    Note: I am counting only cards with a cost that can be paid with that dice type. Cards with basic costs are excluded; cards that have multiple dice type costs are excluded; phoenixborn and uniques are excluded; cards with parallel costs are included in BOTH dice types sections. All cards are being thought of with respect to their 1.0 state.

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    Top 5 Defining Sympathy Cards


    Summon Nightsong Cricket Nightsong Cricket

    Nightsong Cricket opened up some very interesting strategies. It was one of the few cards that let you summon 2 units a turn. This let you fill your board relatively cheaply with 2/1 units. Usually paying a die for a 1 life unit isn’t great, but with some skillful play around the Renewed Harmony ability, you could dissuade opponents from killing them. They were excellent blockers as long as you managed your discard forcing your opponent to give you back your phoenixborn unique or other powerful cards. They were probably best in Coal Roarkwin who would give the flexibility to just slash anything that you handed back to him.


    River Skald

    The River Skald had arguably the strongest ability in the game. If you included this and Hand Tricks or some other draw in your first five, you could instantly kill any of the power 3 health units (Emperor Lion, Hammer Knight, Sonic Swordsman). It was no slouch as just a big body to attack with either. The potential to double-exhaust and attack with Secret Door was much discussed, but was a pretty rare scenario. It probably was strongest in Victoria Glassfire decks that were already planning on packing a lot of card draw. It definitely did not fit in every deck, but could do a lot of work in aggressive battlefield decks.


    Seeds of Aggression

    This card didn’t quite make my charm list. The reason it rates so highly here is that sympathy is just a much strong dice type for effects that help you win on board-state. Most of charm’s best cards are working with mill or direct damage, but when playing sympathy, there were a lot more options to play through your battlefield. Seeds of Aggression was finally a counter Blood Chains that was able to do some work. It was one of the few cards that actually let you use your exhausted units productively. You could both kill off your exhausted unit, free up a space on your battlefield and take out an opponent’s heavy hitter. It was versatile and let you take down big blockers without receiving much damage on your end.


    Changing Winds

    Changing Winds always had a really awkward, expensive up front cost. However, if you were able to get out of the first round unscathed, then the benefits were enormous. Playing within sympathy allowed you to trigger all of the effects based on card draw (Squall Stallion, River Skald). It gave you more fodder for Coal Roarkwin slashing or more Illusionary Cycles for Victoria Glassfire. However, its best synergy was probably with Butterfly Monks and Shadow Spirits as it gave you an accelerator to find one of those books. You got to peek at potentially 3 different cards to find one of those books, meaning that picking up a second book in the first round was really not an uncommon scenario. You also got to get a free die rotation, which works perfectly for those two books that need power symbols. Until Resonance dropped it was additionally the strongest card for focus effects, particularly focus 2 effects like Summon Indiglo Creeper and Summon Ghostly Mount.



    Crescendo was basically an auto-include in any deck that was trying to win through attacking. It was a card that really let you get ahead on tempo and clear out an extra blocker without taking a main or side action. When combined with Out of the Mist or a different side action clear, it let you take out 2 blockers in one attack. It was also just an efficient unit killer. Any 3 life unit would cost more than the 1 die that you could spend with Crescendo to clear it. In fact, you could also use this card completely defensively just to trade an attack action for one of your opponent’s power allies. It was the most efficient way to kill an opponent’s unit in any deck.


    There are a ton of honorable mentions I will give here. This list feels by far the most subjective relative to the other 5. String Mage was a strong ally that shut down ping damage and was a very hard counter to Indiglow Creepers. Essence Druid was an expensive ally, but gave the strongest recursion in the game (outside of Encore). New Ideas was a powerful card included in Coal Roarkwin or Fiona Mercywind. However, it wasn’t really ever played for its ability, so it’s hard for me to count it as a “sympathy” card. Polarity Mage and Raptor Herder were strong allies. I also left off Salamander Monks which were great in Brennen Blackcloud decks and Squall Stallions that were fun and unique to build around.

    After reviewing all of these card lists, I have to say that Sympathy is the most balanced card type. I don’t think any of its cards were really thought of as particularly oppressive or unpleasant. Some of them are pretty wordy in text (Dark Presence), but overall they mostly found little niches to fill. Sympathy cards in general were very playable, but required a very specific build to use well. Overall, I really like the space the sympathy holds within the game and I would guess it is the dice type that requires the least updating with Reborn.

    If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading through these lists. If you have any comments or suggestions on other topics you would be interested in reading, please let me know!

  • Kailephelps#180e commented on the post Top 5 Defining Nature Cards:

    Sep 12, 2020 PDT

    Honestly, making Ice Trap cost a [[nature:power]] is probably good enough. If you want to play an expensive 2 lifer, just play is with Magic Syphon or [[illusion:power]]. The Ice Trap player probably will win the trade, but not everyone is going to be running nature. Hopefully, with 7 dice types you'll only see each one in about half of the decks.

    I was very surprised that Sympathy Pain got pushed back to dealing just 2 damage, so I expect something to change with Molten Gold. I am also curious if they ever slap on some parallel costs for [[time:power]] with some of these burn cards because there's really only so many of those cards you can include. If you look at the history of the game, basically no burn cards were released past Brennen's deck because the core already had enough to make that deck viable. There were a few very conditional Sympathy cards that didn't get a ton of use.

  • Clu#7wyx commented on the card Chained Creations:

    Sep 12, 2020 PDT

    Ok, if it doesn't remove conjurations from play (which I don't know why it wouldn't) I understand that games won't for long enough for some units.

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck Intro Brennen -- Burn / Dark Pact (497/500):

    Sep 11, 2020 PDT

    fili#364! as a competitive deck that would probably be a much better set of cards! as part of a basic deck builds for beginner players, that would make this brennan just a little too strong against most of the other decks.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the card Chained Creations:

    Sep 11, 2020 PDT

    A) it gets reworked in Reborn, so you probably do not need to worry about it too much.

    B) Just think of what the cheapest way is to actually trigger this and put it back into your hand.
    People are trying to kill you. You cant just spend 4 Dice and not even have a Unit to show for it.
    Thats almost like starting a Round with 6 Dice. (Its not really the same but its compareable.)

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the card Chained Creations:

    Sep 11, 2020 PDT

    This card is bad on a lot of levels. It's really expensive and hard to play (because returning stuff to your hand is generally difficult or costly), so it didn't see much play. And things like Frostback Bear just see it coming and shrug. But if there was any chance of it hitting the table, you couldn't run a conjuration with a count of 1-2 because this hard countered it (goodbye, Leo Sunshadow) which was extremely un-fun.

  • Clu#7wyx commented on the card Chained Creations:

    Sep 11, 2020 PDT

    I'm new to the game and this card seems completely broken. For the cost of 2 plus a way to bring an ally back to your hand you can get rid of a conjuration for the rest of the game. AND due to respark (which is going away) you can snap it back to your hand.

    I know this doesn't auto win you the game but it hamstrings a major part of the game leaving you only to deal with allies and direct damage. Am I wrong?

  • Kailephelps#180e published a deck!

    Sep 10, 2020 PDT

    Reborn Saria

    Saria Guideman

  • fili#364! commented on the deck Intro Brennen -- Burn / Dark Pact (497/500):

    Sep 10, 2020 PDT

    Great deck! I'm working on a similar idea myself. I'd like to know your opinion on using Final Cry and Summon Sleeping Widows instead of Summon False Demon and Shadow Counter.

  • enderi#0cq1 commented on the deck Intro Brennen -- Burn / Dark Pact (497/500):

    Sep 10, 2020 PDT

    This is a really good idea, I like changing just a couple cards to make them more focused.

  • Cheezeret#56+2 published a deck!

    Sep 09, 2020 PDT

    Koji Unyielding Growth

    Koji Wolfcub

  • dentedbleeder#2tx4 published a deck!

    Sep 08, 2020 PDT


    Maeoni Viper

  • NMohlman#4fv9 published a deck!

    Sep 08, 2020 PDT

    Leech Warrior

    Jericho Kill

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the deck The Roaring Rose Discard:

    Sep 07, 2020 PDT

    pretty sure the owner just copied and modified the base deck and did not knowingly write the description.

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck The Roaring Rose Discard:

    Sep 07, 2020 PDT

    I am fairly sure that purge comes from saria, royal charm came from astrea, EV came from saria, psycophant from tolliver, and cogdis from fiona. also, all the pre constructed decks have already been created by IsaacBot#3000, the roaring rose can be found here

  • Cooper#9cck published a deck!

    Sep 07, 2020 PDT

    The Roaring Rose Discard

    Leo Sunshadow

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Top 5 Defining Nature Cards:

    Sep 06, 2020 PDT

    'undamaged' is probably a good keyword for molten good.
    I did not think about it at all.

    The Side Action cost is so much more about mind games that i dont like it.
    A beginner can see that their opponent was not able to cast molten gold if they only had damaged characters.
    Side Action Management can be difficult to evaluate until you have played about 20 to 40 matches and know all the cards that typically come up in optimized decks.

    But still : You could make freezing blast only target undamaged units and do something entirely different with molten gold so we will see.

  • DeadlyCar#82o2 commented on the post Top 5 Defining Nature Cards:

    Sep 06, 2020 PDT

    @Cronos Genesis
    I actually expect them to re-design Molten Golden to only affect undamaged characters. OR, maybe take up a side action in addition to current cost. It plays into the idea of powerful effects but without allowing severe misuse, IMO.

  • Cronos Genesis#9i6t commented on the post Top 5 Defining Nature Cards:

    Sep 06, 2020 PDT

    We both know he has not looked up every deck on this site before writing his summary ;)

    I do agree with the list in pretty much everything. Natures Wrath is the only meta relevant card not on the list that qualifies.
    Clearly all of the above cards were not just defining for the color but for the entire meta game.
    That is a strong reason for them to get changed in 1.5.
    The Bear is going to get changed and we know the explicit text already (assuming it will not get more changes).

    So lets predict some changes for the rest as well :
    Butterfly Monks will probably get a reduced conjuration limit.
    I dont know why bears have a limit of 2, but im sure every reasoning that was applied to bears applies to the monks as well so i would be surprised to see 3 or more. 1 feels way to few but then again i would still try to run 3 copies given the overall lower power level.
    Given that the card is in aradels deck maybe 2 conjurations are reasonable, but since mist spirits are unlikely to get any change at all 1 would be enough to use her battlefield.
    Would i change the text ? The heal is probably not needed anymore, but that strongly depends on how strong other cards are.

    They could also shift costs like with masked wolf, but then the power budget gets higher again and the unit needs to represent that.

    Molten Gold was used mostly because it deals damage to any target. In most uses it reads : deal 3 damage to a PB or kill a unit. It also places wounds instead of damage. Compare that to Freezing Blast.
    If other similar spells were to be made, molten gold needs to lose some power. Since it is often a kill spell, the AMA would suggest the addition of a condition on it, but that is against the design rules that natural magic has fullfilled until now.
    The closest thing is to change the targeting mode.
    But they cant both become 'deal some damage to Unit' Spells unless the values are very different and you cant have too many of those spells either.
    So i dont know where they could be going with this one - too many possible ways to go about it.
    The solution i would come up with if i had to write as little text is as follows :
    Molten Gold 1[[natural]] 1[[natural:class]] - deal 3 Damage to a Unit or deal 2 damage to a Phoenixborn.
    Freezing Blast - 1 [[natural]] deal 2 damage to an exhausted unit.

    Raptor Herder : This Unit is used quite a lot but i dont think he needs a change.
    You must have some cards that simply work without too much thought or otherwise your game is not fun.
    And his numbers can essentially not be dialed down. You can only limit the raptors to 2 or remove the parallel cost. If i had to do anything, i would limit the raptors to 2. Its almost never relevant but it is weaker.

    Ice Trap : Given the AMA Texts and general philosophy of the Remake i would guess a cost Change to 1 [[natural:power]]. That might still not be really balanced but it gives more opportunity to counterplay than before.
    Again the philosophy of not having as much unconditional removal anymore makes it difficult.
    Having 2 or less life is a condition, but you cant have too much conditional removal as well and freezing blast as well as Molten Gold will probably be focused on dealing with units. One of these spells will need to do something different.
    Ice Trap for sure would be a good card to get a 'cant be in your starting Hand' keyword. Just to keep the game less solvable.
    And another funny observation : If the Game had Unit Types it should probably read 'can not affect birds' and this would reduce the power quite a bit.

    Ice Trap
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