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  • First two fan expansions released!

    Jill Traversack and Tolliver I's expansions are released and available for download and PnP!

  • The dog ate my homework!

    Preview Loyal Hound, Missing Page, and Hastened Response from Jill's mono-Time deck!

  • TacticalDragon#8k94 commented on the deck Wait. Good Rhinos? :

    Sep 19, 2019 PDT

    Interesting deck, I really like SunShield units

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the deck DarkSphere Maeoni:

    Sep 19, 2019 PDT

    Double-focused Snakes gives you up to two 2/4/3 units for 5-7 dice (2 for Open Memories, 1 for Resonance, and 2-4 for the actual Silver Snakes). Assuming they both kill a unit, that leaves you with double 4/4/3 units coming into round 2. Drop an Explosive Growth on one, and it is now dealing 12 damage. Add Exhortation and the second snake is dealing 16 damage the next turn. Seeds of Aggression is crazy good for a Snake deck, too, since you can potentially kill two units with a single snake in one round (buffing your other Snake and possibly removing their allies from the game at the same time).

    That's a really strong start, but it's highly match-up dependent; unless you can make that damage actually connect, it's no better than a unit that deals 4 damage normally, and for a pretty steep cost (and very little flexibility in your opening hand). Additionally, Maeoni's low battlefield value means that if your opponent is able to last beyond round 2, you've probably already lost (they'll just chump block and hit you around the edges until you're dead). And as in the Brennen game described above if you lose a Snake early it can be devastating and difficult to come back from.

    Maeoni's problem has always been that Silver Snakes (and her health) are setup for the long game, but her battlefield stat cripples her ability to actually gain dominance over anything but the short game. Plus Snakes are just crazy vulnerable. Blood Chains, Frostback Bear, Choke (when you're playing Hypnosis), Redirect, Regress, first-turn Hammer Knight, [[illusion]] and other dice fixing, even second string cards like Vampire Bat Swarm can pose a serious hurdle to winning and because you're locked into three colors ([[charm]], [[nature]], and either [[sympathy]] or [[ceremonial]]) you don't have a lot of space for creative solutions to these varied problems.

    I really love that a Maeoni deck made it to third place, though. Congrats, and thanks for keeping the dream alive!

  • Redking#4j-4 commented on the deck DarkSphere Maeoni:

    Sep 19, 2019 PDT

    I am liking majestic titan in Maeoni - but possibly more so with ceremonial and dark reaping/reclaim soul/blood chains support. I never really tried quick focused snakes - I assumed it was just too slow and not much gain, but from your recommendation I'll take another look! I think you identified the danger of a slow setup which can sometimes affect triple focus style decks, but snakes and gilder are an in built deterrent for swarms decks. <3

  • Morewell#02h9 published a deck!

    Sep 19, 2019 PDT

    DarkSphere Maeoni

    Maeoni Viper

  • Redking#4j-4 commented on the post First two fan expansions released!:

    Sep 17, 2019 PDT

    Great work chaps! Thanks for this. My head is already spinning with the possibilities! <3

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the card Cerasaurus Mount:

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT

    Specific rules for dismounting can be found on the Dismount reference card that is included with The King of Titans and The Ghost Guardian expansions.

    They're also available in the Ashes Rules Reference.

  • First two fan expansions released! 1

    I'm very pleased to share that the print and play (PnP) files for the first two Ashes fan expansions are now available for download!

    The ZIP files above provide 300 dpi images, suitable for printing at 63x88mm (the size of the Ashes cards) or 2.5"x3.5" (slightly larger than an Ashes card, but still supported by the images above). There are also card sheets if you wish to print things yourself.

    I have ordered a set from, and will post updates and pictures once I have the physical cards in hand (probably around the end of September). If you're an adventuresome type, you can do the same (download full-size images explicitly sized for MakePlayingCards' 63x88mm poker cards). If the quality is high, I will post them as a ready-to-order project (although note this will be a little more expensive than doing it yourself, because the lowest markup MPC allows is 10%).

    I hope you enjoy Jill and Tolliver, and the next two expansions are already in the works!

  • The dog ate my homework! 0

    Hello again Ashes fans! It's time for a preview of the final three cards from Jill’s deck.

    The first card up for today is Loyal Hound. This gives Jill a second summon conjuration book, alongside the Flying Monkeys. Loyal Hound costs 3 basic dice to bring each unit into play. While this is on the expensive side (same cost as Turtle Guard), the Loyal Hound provides a versatile mix of stats and abilities. It enters play with 4 life and 0 attack, but for each wound token placed on the hound its attack increases by 2 (Rage 2). So, if a hound has 2 wound tokens, it would a 4-attack unit with 2 life remaining.

    So far, this may just sound like a modified version of the Dread Wraith. However, the Loyal Hound’s other ability – Fetch – is what really distinguishes it. Fetch is an exhaustible ability that triggers whenever a hound does damage to an opposing Phoenixborn. When triggered it does two things. First, it lets the controlling player remove a card from the opponent’s discard pile. This could be used to prevent units from being recurred / converted into Fallen soldiers or it could be used to reduce the benefit that an opponent could get from other forms of card recursion (e.g. Essence Druid, Nightsong Cricket, Encore, Hand Tricks, etc.). Probably more valuable, Fetch also lets the controlling player shuffle a card from her own discard pile back into the deck. So, powerful cards like Hidden Power or even unique cards like Fear can be recycled back into play. The trick is finding a way to ensure that a Loyal Hound can damage the opponent Phoenixborn. Cards like Hypnotize and Time Stop provide one option via the Bypass ability. I look forward to seeing other ways that players make use of Fetch.

    The second card on the slate for today is Missing Page. This is a reaction spell that costs a time class die and can be played when any unit (yours or your opponents) is destroyed. The effect of Missing Page is to place an exhaustion token on a summon conjuration ready spell that can summon the unit that was destroyed. This is not as powerful as Seal because Missing Page only places an exhaustion token on a single book rather than on every copy. But missing page can be a nice way to shut down Summon Fallen for a round, and it only requires a single dice type. In this respect, Noah’s Shadow Target ability may be a better comparison than Seal.

    The final card in Jill’s deck is Hastened Response. This is a ready spell that costs a single time class die to play and gives Unit Guard to one of your units till the end of the turn. You can wait till after your opponent declares attackers before deciding which unit gets the unit guard ability, but you can only use the ability once per round because it requires you to place an exhaustion token on the spell. Devoting a spellboard slot to Hastened Response is probably its biggest weakness. But depending on a deck’s dice type or tempo it may be difficult to include one of the small number of summon unit guard conjurations. Also, Hastened Response can be a nice way to get full value out of some defensive units. For example, Clockwork Frog, Celestial Knight, Majestic Titan, Essence Druid, Indiglow Creepers and even Leech Warriors could all greatly benefit from having access to the unit guard ability.

    As noted previously, the images above are placeholders until we can replace them with original artwork. We hope you enjoy the new cards. If you have any questions please post below.

  • angus#5nar commented on the card Cerasaurus Mount:

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT

    when you place a mount onto the battlefield, you remove and ally from play, place it face down on your battlefield and then place the mount on top of that. when you use the dismount rider ability found on all mounts, you remove the mount from play and place the ally face up on your battlefield.

  • Coldvent#4yyh published a deck!

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT

    Tears of Argia

    Aradel Summergaard

  • bbroughm#44&h commented on the deck Ghastly:

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT

    Cool looking deck Ben!! I was really surprised when no one played James at the Dallas tournament over the summer. He is awesome and Vengeance can lead to some absurd swings.

  • Spilsbury#2&19 published a deck!

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT

    Koji Things (2nd Place London)

    Koji Wolfcub

  • Redking#4j-4 published a deck!

    Sep 16, 2019 PDT


    James Endersight

  • beetlebot124#71sx commented on the card Cerasaurus Mount:

    Sep 15, 2019 PDT

    What does "dismount that ally" mean?

  • Karmancer#61wk commented on the post Dagger, Armor and a Broker:

    Sep 13, 2019 PDT

    These all look interesting: Nice job!

  • ShiningAquas#5683 commented on the post You DO come back:

    Sep 06, 2019 PDT

    The reason you can't use Paradox Clone on a Sleeping Widow is because you can only play 1 reaction spell per turn.

  • Cloudbuilder#4n98 published a deck!

    Sep 06, 2019 PDT

    Undying phalanx

    Xander Heartsblood

  • Cloudbuilder#4n98 published a deck!

    Sep 06, 2019 PDT

    Wait. Good Rhinos?

    Orrick Gilstream

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post Wind the frog:

    Sep 05, 2019 PDT

    My card images are probably out of date. I'll be recreating them when I have the finalized cards, but I'm guessing the text is more accurate than the picture in this case.

  • Skaak#1st! commented on the post You DO come back:

    Sep 05, 2019 PDT

    Do note that I didn't author these posts (I'm reposting things posted to Facebook), so I'm not the final authority here. :-)