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  • Second fan expansions available in deck builder!

    The cards for Devlin Longbow and Plutarch Eastgate are now available in the deckbuilder!

  • spe00105#148a commented on the deck Rhinos:

    Mar 30, 2020 PDT

    endlessly defending is gobi's job, and I don't need a rhino to do it too.

    If you are looking for guards, I guess Summon Turtle Guard is a good choice for you. Its kinda tough and can help with the Rhino problem.

    And Its a good idea to replace Spiked Armor with some AOE effect cards like Nature's Wrath or Mist Typhoon which can help to deal with aggo rush early decks since your Rhino is kinda solid to take a small damage of that.

  • angus#5nar published a deck!

    Mar 28, 2020 PDT

    youre out of your depth v2 - Coal 3rd Place GenCon 2016 Report - a repost

    Coal Roarkwin

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the deck Song of revenge:

    Mar 27, 2020 PDT

    I taught about [[illusion]] and that`s why i have one copy of Transmute Magic. Although i agree with you completely that deck could use some big minion like Grave Knight. I suppose I could take out Adrenaline Rushes as they were from previous iteration of deck i think ( where i wanted to use String Mage with Root Armor - maybe i will post it someday :)). Power Through may be excellent addition - i forgot about the card. Not shure though what about Winged Lioness. My cards are cheap and Squall Stallion gives more of them.

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck Song of revenge:

    Mar 27, 2020 PDT

    that single [[divine]] is a very tempting [[illusion]] target, and given you need it for chant of sacrifice (which is what the deck centres around), you may want to add another [[divine]] die. if you do, i would suggest adding some more [[divine]] cards, notable option being winged lioness, grave knight and power through.

  • lidjan1#40jr published a deck!

    Mar 26, 2020 PDT

    Song of revenge

    Namine Hymntide

  • Strider#9egk commented on the deck Rhinos:

    Mar 26, 2020 PDT

    i love all the help guys!

    I'm currently considering a few sub options. Yea the Spiked armor is redundant with the gobi sunshields, endlessly defending is gobi's job, and I don't need a rhino to do it too.

    The second Open memories is just in case I don't draw a card I need. I have a new rough draft with about 4 additional spells. I'll update in a few days. I like the Raptor Hearder idea too.

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the deck Rimea Spirit Fish Flow:

    Mar 25, 2020 PDT

    I think something is bugged beacouse it shows 0xBeast Tamer

  • Jallen566889926#5o5g published a deck!

    Mar 25, 2020 PDT

    Rimea Spirit Fish Flow

    Rimea Careworn

  • angus#5nar commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 25, 2020 PDT

    In the sort game Noah can certainly pull ahead if played smartly, but long term I will always put my money on Aradel. the sheer amount of ping as well as mist typhoon, and the fact that no matter what, all of Noahs units die after being attacked. Aradels ability to fill up a board with so much more ease than Noah will keep her one step ahead.

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 25, 2020 PDT

    i know it`s a bit tight, but if aradel wants to keep damage off of her face she needs to spend those side actions on pinging your guys. so i really hope that she will not have enough time to exhaust your dice before you use them

  • My Ashes Weekend 2016 at Team Covenant - A Repost 0

    On the 17/02/2020, the website will be/was taken down. Many thanks to Brandon Miller for hosting it up until now. However, there are a few articles that i believe are worth keeping a hold of, so i will be creating a series of posts that is literally a copy/paste of the original articles. I didn't write any of them, full credit to all those who put in their time and effort into writing these. In addition to that, I have edited it as little as possible, mostly just formatting.

    Erik Rodriguez April 20, 2016

    I’m a bit lazy when it comes to writing things like this, but I really enjoy reading them. As a fan of the game, I think I owe it to the community to provide a write-up of my experience at Ashes Weekend 2016 hosted by Team Covenant. It will be easier if I break up my experience into a few separate articles. This article will strictly cover the Swiss rounds of the tournament.

    The day started with waking up and heading over to Team Covenant with Isaac and crew. I messaged Papa Pratt (aka Christopher Pratt) earlier in the day asking him to run First Fives with me before the tournament. “Running First Fives” is a practice technique for Ashes where you only play the first round of the game. You pick your First Five and a First Five that you’re worried about facing and play it out. You don’t worry about shuffling decks or rolling dice; just assume you meditate for whatever you need.

    The goal is to end the round in an advantageous position. If your first attempt doesn’t work, adjust your FF and try again. Rinse and repeat for every opposing FF you’re worried about. Papa Pratt helped me practice against Jessa with Summoning Books, Leech Warrior, Enchanted Violinist, and Fear. After running it twice we concluded that starting Hidden Power with [[Rin’s Fury]] and focusing on dice exhaustion was the play against Jessa because it stripped her removal options and denied mana for Screams. The math didn’t change if Leech was swapped for Hammer Knight and I still ended the round in a strong position (this ended up being extremely close to the FF my opponent played in the Finals match). We started to run FF for three book Brennen but they started calling for deck list submission so it got cut short.

    The deck’s original name was “Yolo Rin”, but I didn’t want to keep being tagged as the “Yolo” guy, so I decided to name the deck “BDR” per Jarret “JtheSecretBoss” Berman’s suggestion. I’ll spare explaining what BDR stands for just in case StrangeCopy wants to keep their PG rating.

    (angus note: for those who wish to know, it can be figured out as “Big… Rin”, ill leave you to figure out D)

    Swiss Round 1 – Rin vs. Brennen:
    I was very nervous. I had practiced A LOT with the expansion cards on Tabletop Simulator the two weeks leading up to the tournament so I knew that my deck was strong, but I didn’t have any experience participating in big competitive events like this and was very stressed out. I kept telling myself that my goal for the day was to just try and make Top 8 so that I could win one of those sweet playmats. After that it wouldn’t matter if I lost because then I could just hang out with friends and watch the final matches being livestreamed. I wouldn’t stand a chance at taking 1st place anyway.

    When the first round of Swiss pairings were displayed on the television screen I saw that I was paired against none other than Rodney Smith from Watch It Played. If you haven’t met Rodney then you should know that he is probably one of the nicest, coolest people you will ever meet. I was very relieved to be playing against him first round because I knew that, no matter the outcome, the match would be a blast to play.

    Rodney was playing his “Where’s Aradel?” deck. The story behind this deck and its name is pretty humorous and I think you can read about it on Rodney’s twitter and/or Facebook pages. Rodney was running Brennen with I think a 5 Natural [[natural]], 5 Ceremonial [[ceremonial]] build. I started my standard FF against Brennen:Frostback Bear, Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber, [[Rin’s Fury]], Choke. It’s important to note that PlaidHat changed up the first player rules for this tournament. Whoever rolled the most basic dice was allowed to choose who received the first player token in the first round. I chose to go second every game because BDR wants to be able to swing in on an empty battlefield turn 1 of round 2.

    I focused my dice exhaustion efforts on his Ceremonial [[ceremonial]] dice to deny him recursion and reaction spell shenanigans. Bear, Bomber, and HK established board presence while clearing Brennen’s battlefield. By the end of the first round I was in position to swing in for 7 damage turn 1 round 2. More big units followed and the game snowballed in my favor. Rodney ended the game with a friendly handshake and funny twitter photo. This match was a joy to play and a tremendous help in getting me to relax and put my mind in the right spot for the rest of the tournament. Thanks Rodney :). Current Record: 1W-0L

    Swiss Round 2 – Rin vs. Jessa:
    Round 2 was against Ben Ruggles of Team Covenant. Ben is another really cool guy that is just fun to play a game of Ashes against. Ben prefaced our match by saying he had only played Ashes a handful of times.

    Ben was playing what appeared to be Good Stuff Jessa with a 4 Ceremonial [[ceremonial]], 3 or 4 Nature [[natural]], and 2 or 3 Charm [[charm]] spread. I started the FF Papa Pratt and I had practiced before the tournament: Bear, Hammer, Violinist, Hidden Power, Rin’s Fury. I stripped his dice aggressively without committing anything to the battlefield.

    Ben started with Open Memories for a copy of Expand Energy (and I explained to him that Open Memories does not require you to reveal the selected card) and ended up playing one or two copies of Expand Energy to his spellboard along with a Living Doll to his battlefield. I don’t remember what else happened but by the end of the first round he had an empty battlefield and I had already hit him with a Bear for 3. I meditated a Crimson Bomber earlier in the round and had 3 Ceremonial dice left over so I brought it back from the discard and played it to swing in for another 3. Turn 1 round 2 was a Hammer, Bear, Bomber, and EV to the face for another 11 damage. Current Record: 2W-0L

    Swiss Round 3 – Rin vs. Rin:
    Round 3 was against Elliot Kramer. I knew Elliot from the AshesRules slack chat and we hung out at dinner the night before. Elliot is a sharp guy and fun to dojo with. Dojo is what a few Ashes players call the process of theorycrafting, deckbuilding, testing, and tweaking. Elliot was playing Rin with a 4 Natural [[natural]], 4 Ceremonial [[ceremonial]], 2 Illusion [[illusion]] spread.

    When I first saw this I got a bit worried as I did not want to play into a mirror match up. I especially hate playing 2 Illusion [[illusion]] into 2 or 3 Illusion [[illusion]] because the dice exhaustion mind games are real. I tried a new FF that seemed to make sense: Bear, Hammer, Violinist, Rin’s Fury, Blood Chains. This ended up being the right move. Turns out Elliot was playing a Golem Rin.

    He put out three books round 1 (Ice Golem, Bear, and Dread Wraith) along with Frostbite. I exhausted his dice to prevent the Wraith but he still got the Golem and Bear out. I ended up sacrificing Violinist to Blood Chains the Golem and killing his Bear with HK. By the end of the first round I had a strong board with Bear, HK, and EV against a chained golem. My draw for the second round was perfection: Hammer Knight, Crimson Bomber, Hidden Power, [[Rin’s Fury]], and Blood Chains. Hidden Power and [[Rin’s Fury]] let me play the heavy exhaust game while putting out another Hammer, Bear, and a Bomber. Blood Chains on the newly summoned Golem tipped the battlefield advantage heavily in my favor without any room for Elliot to recover. Current Record: 3W-0L

    Swiss Round 4 – Rin vs. Noah:
    As fate would have it, round 4 was against The Secret Boss Jarret Berman. J was doing work with his Noah deck. He ran a 4 Cere [[ceremonial]], 3 Nature [[natural]], 3 Illusion [[illusion]] spread. Shadow Target is incredibly strong in a bear heavy meta and he knew how to use it. My FF was Hammer, Bear, Fury, Violinist, and Choke.

    Playing against another player who uses Illusion [[illusion]] to exhaust aggressively is a pain in the ass. It’s like playing a game within a game. I focused on exhausting his Illusion [[illusion]] dice to force an early Hidden Power play. I also suspected he might be running False Demon (he wasn’t) so stripping him of that color would deny the summon.

    J played really well and was able to strip me of dice so that I couldn’t play Choke on his Shadow Target (though I was able to get a Bear out the first round before that happened). The round ended with me slightly ahead on battlefield presence. My round 2 draw had a second copy of Summon Frostback Bear in it. I knew this would help tilt the game in my favor if I surprised him with it. I held it all round and waited until he thought I had nothing left before playing it.

    Having two books let me pump out bears despite Shadow Target and Ice Buff let my units outlast his. The combination of these two things ultimately won me the game. Current Record: 4W-0L

    Swiss Round 5 – Rin vs. Jessa:
    Going into the final round there were three players with a 4-0 record: Austin Mills with his Brennen, Grant McKinney with his Aradel, and me with my Rin. I ended up being the one to play down against a 3-1 opponent, The Main Action’s Callin Flores.

    Callin was sticking to his usual script of piloting a variation of Christian’s current Jessa deck, and he was actually performing better with it than Christian. He ran a 4 Cere [[ceremonial]], 3 Nature [[natural]], 3 Illusion [[illusion]] spread. Ugh, another exhaustion match up.

    I started the practiced FF into Jessa: Hammer, Bear, Violinist, Hidden Power, Fury. My dice exhaustion pressured him heavily. He played Fear on my Hammer Knight to bump it back to my hand but I just recast it with the help of extra dice from [[Rin’s Fury]]. Future rounds I focused on stripping his Illusion [[illusion]] dice to deny potential False Demon, Out of the Mists, and Shadow Counter shenanigans. In the end I was able to pump out more threats than he could handle. Final Swiss Record: 5W-0L

    Final Results:
    After five rounds of Swiss the Top 8 players were announced. They called up each player who made the cut one by one and handed them that sweet Team Covenant Ashes playmat.

    #8: Jarret Berman – Noah – 4W 1L – 24 Tiebreaker Points – 82 Blood Points
    #7: Tim Keefe – Jessa – 4W 1L – 24 Tiebreaker Points – 82 Blood Points
    #6: Zach Armstrong – Lulu – 4W 1L – 27 Tiebreaker Points – 76 Blood Points
    #5: Joshua Trevino – Jessa – 4W 1L – 27 Tiebreaker Points – 87 Blood Points
    #4: Grant McKinney – Aradel – 4W 1L – 30 Tiebreaker Points – 76 Blood Points
    #3: Elliot Kramer – Rin – 4W 1L – 30 Tiebreaker Points – 77 Blood Points
    #2: Austin Mills – Brennen – 5W 0L – 33 Tiebreaker Points – 92 Blood Points
    #1: Erik Rodriguez – Rin – 5W 0L – 33 Tiebreaker Points – 93 Blood Points

    This is where I go on a small rant about Blood Points. Austin is an extremely skilled player. We both went 5-0 and yet I was given the #1 seed because the sum of life values for the Phoenixborn I played against just happened to be 1 more than what Austin played against. This was purely random. There is nothing Austin nor I could have adjusted in the games we won that would have altered this outcome. That being said, I’m happy I was the #1 seed though I would have preferred to not play against Jarret again in the first round of the Top 8 (because we had just played each other in the Swiss rounds and I considered his deck my most difficult match up next to Austin’s deck).

    After hearing the applause and collecting my playmat I held it up, looked at it, and thought “You did it. This is all you wanted right?” I rolled up the playmat and placed it in my bag. Not anymore. I wanted to go further. I wanted to win.

    That’s all for now. Next article I’ll talk about the Top 8 bracket.

    (Angus note: I am currently unable to find a deck list BDR, since the PHG deck builder is no longer online. I am currently trying to contact Erik for an original deck list. failing that, I will put together a decklist that I would consider to be a rough approximation of what it would look like, given the meta at the time.)

  • spe00105#148a commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 25, 2020 PDT

    the TN of that first five is 9, which is workable. the only thing is aradel needs to kill sniper or you need to SS that sniper so you are play bound soul to get back the sniper, TN 10 sounds really dangerous to guys like Aradel either way. But its a good idea to play with Noah

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    I taught of this strategy - you can take Stormwind Sniper, Summon Masked Wolf, Bound Soul and Small Sacrifice with last slot being flexible. Then you could start with sniper and wolf and then bring back sniper and play him again. Depending on attacks you will make its 6-10 (probably 8) damage in first round. Not shure what to do in next round though. I would probably focus on direct damage via sniper

  • lidjan1#40jr commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    I taught of this strategy - you can take Stormwind Sniper, Summon Masked Wolf, Bound Soul and Small Sacrifice with last slot being flexible. Then you could start with sniper and wolf and then bring back sniper and play him again. Depending on attacks you will make its 6-10 (probably 8) damage in first round. Not shure what to do in next round though. I would probably focus on direct damage via sniper

  • spe00105#148a commented on the deck Rhinos:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    no a good idea to include Spiked armor to be honest, cause it will make an easy target for blood chain and gain a great advantage of it. Choke is another problematic card against this deck. I love Iron Rhino but sadly its not practical in real.

  • angus#5nar commented on the deck Rhinos:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    also already using [[sympathy]] dice, which can also be used to pay for raptor herder

  • Kalriva#1sqf commented on the deck Rhinos:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    Will second herder as a great stalling ally choice, you get two units and you're already in the die pool with rhinos.

  • spe00105#148a commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    truely agreed that its tough, but just try your best and it might win

  • angus#5nar commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    i dont think it is a smart idea to pack sleight. you still are drawing a lot of cards and you already have a very high TN. it is tough to pick a good FF for against aradel

  • spe00105#148a commented on the post the shadows of viros - how to:

    Mar 24, 2020 PDT

    maybe if Noah's ability can shut down one ready spell, sniper is not essential for the FF then, keep the sleight of hand tho, I think its useful for Noah especially for more cards means more option to play.

    It is a tough match vs Aradel, the best precon deck and as I said there's a small window to win, but as long as it still stand a chance I will go for it.